Terra Bridge

Web application to transfer Terra's tokens to other blockchain networks

Terra Bridge enables cross-chain transfer of all tokens supported by Shuttle, including Terra native tokens, most mAssets and also other token types from Terra ecosystem.

The list of transferable Mirror Protocol assets can be found on Interchain Access page.

The Terra Bridge web app is only available for Chromium-based web browsers.

Supported Wallets

Using Terra Bridge

$1 or 0.1% fee (which ever is greater) from the transfer amount is charge on cross-chain transfer using the Shuttle bridge. A transaction with amount smaller than $1 value will be ignored.

1. Go to Terra Bridge page on a Chromium-based web browser.

2. You may connect your wallet by doing one of the actions below:

  • Click Connect Wallet button

  • From the From section, select the network to transfer your tokens from.

3. If Ethereum or BSC is selected, a pop-up with a list of supported wallet will appear. Select a wallet which you currently use.

3. Once the right wallet is connected, click on Assets section to select the token to transfer.

4. Search and select a token type from the pop-up list.

5. Enter Amount of tokens to transfer, and Destination address of the recipient.

6. By selecting Next button, a Confirm pop-up is provided to double-check the information entered by the user. If all details on the pop-up is correct, select Confirm.

7. Once Confirm is pressed, the connected wallet will pop-up, prompting the user to sign the transaction. The signed transaction will be subsequently submitted to the blockchain for confirmation.

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