Sending Tokens

Transfer of Mirror Protocol Assets from Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain

$1 or 0.1% fee (which ever is greater) from the transfer amount is charge on cross-chain transfer using the Shuttle bridge. A transaction with amount smaller than $1 value will be ignored.

From Ethereum

From My Page of mETH, user can navigate to Send page and transfer ERC-20 Mirror tokens to other Ethereum or Terra addresses.

Tokens transferred from mETH to Terra are converted back to CW-20 and can be used on Mirror Web App.

Once the user enters the recipient's address, the app will automatically determine the network for the given address. Once SEND is pressed, Metamask will pop-up, prompting the user to sign the transaction. The signed transaction will be subsequently submitted to the Ethereum network for confirmation. To learn how to buy or get LP tokens to use on mETH, please refer to Uniswap docs.

From Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Terra

Mirror Protocol assets are supported on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). A simple user interface is provided to enable cross-chain transfer to Terra blockchain at

Choose a wallet to connect from the popup list which appears after selecting CONNECT.

When a wallet of your choice has been connected successfully, the page will display the balance of your Mirror Protocol asset which you own in your BSC wallet.

By clicking the Send button which pops up after clicking on Actions, user is directed to Send page.

After entering a Terra address to send tokens to, and the amount, SEND button is activated. Once, SEND is pressed, the connected wallet will prompt you to confirm and sign the transaction.

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