Oracle Whitelist Procedure

No web application user interface is provided to enable to creation of these polls as adding a new oracle source which can be malicious can result in unwanted attacks on borrow and short positions.

New oracle service providers such as Chainlink can be added to Mirror Protocol through voting on Mirror Governance.

Before creating a poll to whitelist a new oracle provider, a proxy contract owned and managed by the oracle provider party must be created and deployed onto Terra blockchain, using the smart contract template provided here. The proxy contract must provide mapping between underlying assets symbol and price denominated in UST.

In order to suggest a new oracle provider to Mirror Protocol, the following execute_msg must be included in CreatePoll transaction to be directed to Factory contract using PassCommand and then to the Oracle Hub contract when the poll is being executed.

#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize, Clone, PartialEq, JsonSchema, Debug)]
#[serde(rename_all = "snake_case")]
pub enum HubExecuteMsg {
    WhitelistProxy {
        proxy_addr: String,
        provider_name: String,

Once this poll passes through Mirror governance, users can choose this oracle provider when registering new assets onto the protocol.

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