Command-line interface for Mirror Protocol

This section provides a brief guide on how to use Mirror Protocol via mirrorcli. For more information, please check its source code and documentation on GitHub.

mirrorcli is a command-line interface for Mirror Protocol on Terra and allows more advanced users to perform operations directly from their shell or terminal without having to interact with a graphical interface. mirrorcli is built on top of terracli and allows you to use keys saved in its keychain.



  • Make sure your have terracli installed. terracli is a binary that is shipped with Terra Core and installed in your GOPATH.

  • Have Node.js v10+ installed with NPM

You can install mirrorcli through NPM:

$ npm install -g @mirror-protocol/mirrorcli


On first launch, mirrorcli will generate a ~/.mirrorclirc.json in your $HOME directory, which will be used in subsequent sessions to specify settings such as LCD provider, gas prices for fee estimation, as well as contract addresses. It will come pre-configured with the official contracts for the mainnet version of Mirror on its columbus-4 setting.

The following instructions show you how to modify settings using the tequila-0004 network by default:

Specifying LCD settings

Each network config should define how to connect to the Terra blockchain via LCD parameters.

  "networks": {
    "tequila-0004": {
      "lcd": {
        "chainId": "tequila-0004",
        "url": "https://tequila-lcd.terra.dev",
        "gasPrices": {
          "uluna": 0.15,
          "usdr": 0.1018,
          "uusd": 0.15,
          "ukrw": 178.05,
          "umnt": 431.6259
        "gasAdjustment": 1.2

Specifying Contracts

Each network configuration should point to the correct Mirror core contract addresses.

  "networks": {
    "tequila-0004": {
      "contracts": {
        "collector": "terra1v046ktavwzlyct5gh8ls767fh7hc4gxc95grxy",
        "community": "terra10qm80sfht0zhh3gaeej7sd4f92tswc44fn000q",
        "factory": "terra10l9xc9eyrpxd5tqjgy6uxrw7dd9cv897cw8wdr",
        "gov": "terra12r5ghc6ppewcdcs3hkewrz24ey6xl7mmpk478s",
        "mint": "terra1s9ehcjv0dqj2gsl72xrpp0ga5fql7fj7y3kq3w",
        "oracle": "terra1uvxhec74deupp47enh7z5pk55f3cvcz8nj4ww9",
        "staking": "terra1a06dgl27rhujjphsn4drl242ufws267qxypptx",
        "terraswap": "terra18qpjm4zkvqnpjpw0zn0tdr8gdzvt8au35v45xf"

Specifying the Network

By default, mirrorcli will use the network setting for columbus-4 configured in ~/.mirrorclirc.json. You can direct mirrorcli to use a different network configuration by changing the value of the MIRRORCLI_NETWORK environment variable.


MIRRORCLI_NETWORK=tequila-0004 mirrorcli x mint [deposit ...]


export MIRRORCLI_NETWORK=tequila-0004
mirrorcli x mint [deposit ...]


Usage information can be found on GitHub.

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