Community Grants

The community pool is a reserve of MIR tokens that is held by governance, meant for funding future projects and contributors to the Mirror protocol. The community pool will total to 128.1M MIR tokens over the span of four years. The community pool's initial funds are minted at the start when Mirror contracts are first created. A governance poll must be created in order to spend tokens from the fund.

The purpose of the grant is to empower ecosystem teams to build necessary tools and infrastructure that are not provided at the launch of the protocol. Projects that are value additive to the protocol and/or make user experience better such as the creation of new smart contract applications that enable greater access across more markets or dashboards and other tools for managing their assets on the Mirror Protocol are eligible for community grant funding. Any proposal for funding that is deemed acceptable by the community and passes a vote can receive funding from the community pool.

The maximum allowable grant is the current size of the community pool at the submission time of the poll. For more information, please see the Spend Community Pool proposal example.

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